The sinful twins, Hensel and Gretel, and the magic wand of fortunes

Arche Sechsbaum/Hitomi Nonaka
Soda Miku
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    Once upon a time, in a poor German village, there lived a poor couple.
  • They were so poor and had very little to eat. And eventually, one day, their food ran out left and they were left with only two pigs.
  • Their stomach were rumbling, and the couple had brought up the pigs to eat, but they hesitated to eat them because they felt a degree of affection toward them.
  • The husband said, “Let’s hold it off for a day. I’ll go and search for some nuts tomorrow.“
  • However, The wife said, “Why, that’s total nonsense! I’m so hungry I feel like I might die. I’ve always hated animals anyway!!!!”
  • In the end they both agreed on eating the two pigs the next day.
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    That night, while the couple was sound asleep, suddenly, the male pig started running in circles around the pen at an unbelievable speed.
  • The female pig was staring with eyes wide open at the running pig. And with a sudden crack, the pen fell apart.
  • The male pig took the lead, and the two of them ran away into the woods.
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    Under the glistening moon, The two pigs ran and ran aimlessly in the woods for hours without stopping.
  • Suddenly, they found themselves at a strange house, which to their surprise, was made up of all kinds of appealing sweets.
  • Feeling terribly hungry, the two pigs immediately started munching on the house.
  • But then out of the blue an old witch appeared. Furious at the state of her house, she caught the two pigs with a big net.
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    The witch locked them in a small cabin and crackled, “I shall fatten you two and eat you up!”
  • However, to her astonishment, the pigs started munching at the cabin wall!
  • Not knowing what else to do with the disgraceful pigs, the witch picked up her wand and waved it over their heads.
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    With that one movement, suddenly the two pigs gleamed brightly with light.
  • And the next moment, to everyone’s surprise, there stood, instead of the pigs, a boy and a girl!
  • Pleased by how they turned into well-behaved children from the beasts they were before, The witch named them, Hansel and Gretel.
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    Within half a year, Hansel and Gretel had completely transformed into both charming and smart human children.
  • They behaved well and willingly helped the witch with her potions.
  • Since they were so good, the witch gradually came to love the two as her very own children and ...
  • forgot all about her first plan to make them her dinner.
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    One day, after a year or so had passed,the witch made her two children sit at the table and listen to her.
  • “My sweet ones, it’s been a year since you first came here and you’ve made me happy. I’m glad I made the choice to have you live with me rather than eating both of you up.”
  • Neither surprised nor flattered, Hansel and Gretel smiled, and said “Grandma, we’ve loved you greatly for taking care of us.”
  • And through tears she said,“It must have been so harsh living as a human! Let me break that cruel spell for you.”
  • Tears ran down the witch’s face as she was overwhelmed by the children’s tenderness.
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    Just as the witch rose to fetch her wand, the two looked at each other with a quick glance.
  • Gretel grabbed a hammer placed nearby and swung it right down on the witch’s head.
    The witch fell to her knees and lay still.
  • “Never would we turn back into those stupid creatures. Don’t you agree, Gretel?” asked Hansel.
  • “Indeed!” said Gretel, “Why would we risk getting eaten again?”
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    With the witch gone, the house of sweets belonged to Hansel and Gretel.
  • Now in charge of the house, they decided to explore inside the chamber which the witch had always forbidden them to enter.
  • In the chamber, they found a big treasure box filled with the most beautiful jewels of every kind they had ever set their eyes on.
  • “Well, I suppose we deserve this lot after the hard work we’ve done for so long!”
  • “We’d never have to work with all this lot, would we brother?” asked Gretel. “Oh, not just yet Gretel. We’ve still got some work to do.”
  • With a nasty smile, Hansel picked up the witch’s wand and admired it with glistening eyes.
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    Meanwhile, the poor couple, the former owners of the two now human children, were living their poor miserable lives.
  • Until one day, out of nowhere came two unrecognisable children who called themselves Hansel and Gretel.
  • “What do you want from us? I’ve no patience with mischief since I’ve been starving for days” said the woman.
  • Despite the wife’s bitter approach, Hansel said in a soothing tone, “We have come to thank you.”
  • Gretel showed the couple a sack she held in her hand, bulging with something that the couple would have never imagined coming across.
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    With curiosity,the couple led the children into the house to serve them water from the well. The woman put cups of water on the table.
  • “So come on, show us what you’ve got in there.” urged the wife, eyeing the sack.
  • “First we need to apologise for eating the pigs from your house. Thanks to you we were able to survive from starvation.
  • “You don’t think we’d forgive you easily for robbing our beloved pigs do you?”
    sniggered the wife.
  • However, as Gretel upturned the small sack and showed them the sparkling jewels, the wife cried out with delight.
  • “Well well well, what a fortune just for those two beasts!” The couple rejoiced together forgetting all about the children.
  • Then, suddenly, Hansel took the wand and swung it above the couple which covered them with an outburst of light.
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    Back in the house made out of sweets, Hansel and Gretel were happily enjoying a feast. There on the table, sat a rich roasted pig.
  • “A little tough but still yummy. Isn’t it brother?” smiled Gretel.
  • “By the way, why didn’t you cook both the pigs?” asked Gretel in wonder.
  • “I should have learnt from that witch how to make meat soft, before killing her.” said Hansel.
  • “Well that husband had been sort of kind to us so I felt bad about cooking him immediately.” shrugged Hansel.
  • Like this, the two continued to enjoy their delicious dinner and lived happily ever after.