Alice's adventure in wonderland

Arche Sechsbaum / Hitomi Nonaka
Lisa Tsuchiya
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    Take a look at this girl. A girl whose name is Alice, little in size but vibrant as the sun and cute as a bunny. “Oh what another bothersome day” she yawned while her older sister sat next to her, deeply into her book.
  • Just as Alice was thinking for something to do to kill time, a white rabbit leapt by. However, what surprised Alice wasn’t the rabbit itself but the fact that it was talking and dressed in the finest cloak with a small watch in its hand.
  • “Oh what am I to do? Already late, already too late!” Full of curiosity, Alice hurried to her feet and went after the mysterious rabbit, and the next moment she found herself falling deep, deep, deep into a rabbit’s hole.
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    Despite what Alice expected from a normal rabbit hole, she kept on falling and falling, which seemed like for ages. And while falling deeper into the magical hole, she caught glimpses of furniture from bookshelf to cupboard. All of those you would find in an ordinary house.
  • Although for a while Alice looked around in awe, she eventually got used to the falling and the fragments of furniture that she came to think, “This isn’t so interesting as much as I thought it would be.”
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    The fall seemed to last forever until suddenly she landed with a splash into the salty water of the vast sea. “Oh well, what a surprise! This wasn’t what I had expected” Alice thought as she struggled to get to the surface of the sea.
  • And as she reached it, she noticed a door key, a bottle labeled “drink me”, and a cake, somehow not at all soggy, with a sugar plate on top written “Eat me”, all floating along with her.
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    With some struggle Alice clambered onto a piece of land which was right there, as if readily prepared for her.
  • But she wasn’t the first to land there, for on that very piece of land, there were all sorts of creatures from mouse to duck, monkey to parrot, owl to eagle, making a circle with a Garcoil rooster in the middle.
  • Noticing Alice, the rooster called out, “Why, you’ll catch a cold standing there all drenched. Come here and get yourself dried. ” Not until she went up to the creatures to join the circle and finding them all the same height as herself, did she recognize how small she had shrunk.
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    Just as Alice had fully dried herself and had began to think “Now what?”, that same white rabbit she had came running after leapt out from nowhere saying “Oh no, late, late, late I am!!”
  • Seeking further mischief, Alice followed him and found herself in front of a door of a nice comfortable-looking cottage. Already having lost sight of the rabbit but sure she would find him in the house, Alice opened the door and looked around.
  • However, what she found was not the rabbit but a small bottle labeled “Drink me”. Alice took the bottle and emptied it in one gulp and the very next second, she found herself grown too big to fit into the house.
  • Too big that her arms and legs went smashing through the windows and her head making a hole in the roof.
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    “Hey, a monster has destroyed the cottage of the white rabbit!” shouted someone. As Alice heard this, she shoved herself out from the already falling apart once pretty cottage and ran off into the woods, thinking “I feel sorry for the rabbit but it’s not my fault”.
  • For a while Alice wandered around aimlessly in the woods until she eventually came across a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom and smoking his pipe. “Excuse me, may I ask whether you know a way I could get back to my normal size?” asked Alice.
  • To this the caterpillar suggested on taking a bite from the mushroom he was seated on. However, what happened was instead of shrinking to her original size, Alice grew even taller, taller than the tall trees of the woods.
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    “You ate the wrong mushroom, silly girl”, shouted a voice from down below. Alice bent down and gently picked a different mushroom which this time did the job right and shrank Alice to her initial size.
  • “Well thank you for your advice, ermm, oh I’m sorry, I hadn’t asked you your name.” asked Alice. “I have no name to mention.” replied a voice from above. Alice looked around to find the owner of the voice and found a cat with a wide smirk on its face.
  • “On the right hand, a crazy rabbit. On the left hand, a mad hatter. So I wonder, which hand is the right hand to choose?” Leaving this mischievous riddle the cat disappeared into thin air.
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    Alice tried to figure out the cat’s message from the riddle but soon gave up and started walking to the left. And there she found, just as in the riddle, the mad hatter was having tea with the crazy rabbit.
  • She went up to the tea table to join them but unexpectedly was screamed at by the two, “No space, no space for a girl like you!!” Annoyed, Alice shouted back, “Why, I see just enough seats for all the three of us!!”
  • Although she insisted on joining them, she soon found herself wanting to leave, and regretting her decision to join them, for with the mad two, she couldn’t enjoy even a small bit of talk.
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    As she left them and walked off further into the woods, next she found an outstanding castle, where in the garden, the red queen of hearts was enjoying a game of cricket.
  • Spotting Alice peering from the gates, the queen invited her in to join the game. Alice was given one of the queen’s flamingo bats and a hedgehog ball.
  • However, whenever it was Alice’s turn, the two animals fooled around and didn’t let her play properly. The queen sniggered which made Alice very very irritated.
  • But just then, that same white rabbit appeared running past them saying, “Oh no!! I’m late, I’m late, there’s no time to waste!!”
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    Already bored with playing cricket with the queen and her animal bat and ball, Alice left the castle and again followed the rabbit to find herself standing before the doorway to an outstanding courthouse.
  • And in the courtroom sat the king and the queen whom Alice had been playing cricket with just a while ago. Just then, a voice shouted out “Now we shall begin passing judgement on the case of the lost pie! We call forward the suspect, Jack!!”.
  • Confused but amused, Alice got herself seated on a chair in the court and curiously watched the strange trial. However, as she watched, she began to notice that the other figures around her in the courtroom seemed to be growing smaller and smaller.
  • Oh no, that wasn’t it. It was herself who was growing bigger and bigger which made it seem like the others were shrinking.
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    Alice continued to grow bigger and bigger that soon she was looking down from above at the whole trial being carried out. Just then, a voice was heard from below, “Now we ask for our next witness, Alice.”
  • Astonished by having her name been mentioned, but also annoyed by how all these strange figures were staring up at her, expecting her to say something, she looked down at the chief judge as she began, “Well I have nothing to say on this trial, but I must say that this is all total nonsense.”
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    “I see no justice in this trial!! It truly is all just a nuisance!” The queen was not pleased at all by this and shouted out, “Girl, you watch that mouth of yours. I could lock a useless witness like you up into one of my dungeons any moment, as I did with Jack!!”
  • This annoyed Alice even more and made her shout back, “Why try it then if you can. But I doubt you’d be able to do anything with your soldiers that are nothing but silly old trump cards!”
  • Now outraged by her comment, the trump card soldiers came charging towards Alice. “No, don’t come near me!” cried Alice. Frightened by how so many of them were after her with their spade shaped spears, Alice started running for her life.
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    But the very next moment she found herself on her back next to her sister at that same riverside where her journey had begun. “Come on, little sleepy head. You’ve been asleep for more than an hour. Were you having a dream so interesting that you didn’t want to get up?” chuckled her sister.
  • Dazzled by the sudden change but also relieved that she was no longer being chased, Alice nodded and smiled, “Yes sister, a very long dream full of wonder.”
  • As she started to tell the whole story, a bush rustled. Neither Alice nor her sister took any notice, but from the side of that bush peered out a white figure dressed in the finest cloak, with a small watch in its hand.