Peter Pan

Arche Sechsbaum / Hitomi Nonaka
Yuka Umeki
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    Here in London, the capital city of Great Britain, there slept three children snuggled up in their beds in a cosy house. The eldest was called Wendy and next came John. The youngest was a boy called Michael.
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    It was one of those ordinary nights, but only until a boy opened the window and sneaked into the children’s bedroom, accompanied by a little pixie.
  • The boy was called Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up, and the pixie, Tinkerbell, a fairy who most people called Tink, in short. The children woke right up at the sound of the unexpected intruder.
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    The children’s pet dog, Nana, too woke up to the creaking sound of the window being opened. Bearing its teeth at the unknown face, Nana jumped at Peter to chase him out of the room.
  • Peter and Tink thought better to leave and flew out of the room from the open window but with Nana slamming the window shut, Peter’s shadow was accidently cut apart from Peter himself and left inside the room.
  • Wendy then gently folded the shadow and placed it near the window from which the strange boy had come in.
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    The next day, during the night, Peter and Tink came back to the house to retrieve the lost shadow. They immediately spotted the shadow placed by the same window from last night.
  • However, Peter struggled to get the shadow stuck back to himself and after a while of trial and effort without success, he started to sob with frustration.
  • Wendy woke up to the sound of the boy’s sniffle and went up to him. Seeing why he was so upset, Wendy sew the shadow to Peter for him with a needle and thread.
  • Peter was overjoyed and to thank her, suggested on taking her and her two brothers to Neverland. To this, the three curious children took the offer with great eagerness.
  • However, despite Peter and the children, Tink did not seem happy at all. She was in fact feeling jealous about the children and her best companion Peter becoming friends.
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    In order to get to Neverland, the only way was to fly there. Peter sprinkled some of Tink’s fairy dust on the three children which made them suddenly float off from the ground.
  • “We’re flying!!” cried out the children in astonishment and joy. Then from out of the window, they left for their destination, for Neverland.
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    They flew for days until they finally reached Neverland. However, just as they were about to land, a storm hit Peter and the children blowing off the three boys in different directions, leaving Wendy and Tink in mid-air.
  • Tink who was still unhappy about the children, especially Wendy, barging in between herself and Peter, she swooshed down to where the lost boys who were Peter’s followers, were waiting for their leader’s return and told them to shoot down Wendy, who was still hovering above in the air, with their arrows.
  • As the arrows of the lost boys came flying towards her, Wendy tried to dodge them. However, in doing so, she lost her balance and started to fall straight down towards the ground.
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    Just as Wendy was about to crash face down onto the ground, Peter came flying to the rescue. As he landed amongst the lost boys, with Wendy in his arms, he angrily demanded, “Why on earth did you try to shoot down Wendy!! She’s my friend!!”
  • The lost boys were feeling bad for what they had done but soon protested that it was what Tink had ordered them to do. Peter glared at Tink and spat out, “From now on, I’m not talking to you Tink!! Get lost you nasty beast!!”
  • However, Wendy felt bad for the little fairy and tried to calm down Peter, persuading him to forgive Tink. Thanks to her effort, the two soon made friends again.
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    The lost boys all had neither a mother nor a father. Therefore, Peter decided on himself becoming their father and Wendy, their mother. They went to hunt for food, together cooked their meal, sang and danced together, just like any old happy family would do.
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    However, one day, as they were all spending another bright sunny day together, and Peter off in the mountains to find some mushrooms for dinner, a pack of pirates came out of the blue and kidnapped all the children, including Wendy.
  • Only Tink was left unfound by the kidnappers. After the pirates were gone, Tink rushed off to find Peter and tell him about the horrible incident.
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    Meanwhile on the pirate ship, the children were tied up with a rope so that they couldn’t escape. And as for Wendy, she was forced to stand on a plank which stuck out from the ship and wobbled above the sea.
  • It wobbled so harshly that with just a blow of an unexpected wind, Wendy would for sure fall right off it and end up underwater.
  • Wendy closed her eyes and desperately wished, “Help me Peter, I still want to live on. I don’t want to not be able to see my parents ever again.” Just then, Peter arrived to the rescue.
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    Within an instant, Peter freed the children and fought against the pirates. Captain Hook was the last to confront and the hardest.
  • Peter struggled against the Captain for he too was a good swordsman and had fought through many battles himself. Plus, the hook in replace of his left hand made the battle a close one.
  • However, after a while, Peter finally succeeded in driving Captain Hook onto the very edge of the ship’s plank. Just where Wendy had been forced to stand.
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    With one last jab with Peter’s sword, the captain fell right off the plank and into the sea where a pack of hungry crocodiles were waiting for a good meal. Soon not a trace of the evil captain was to be seen. The children cheered at Peter’s victory and ran up to their hero.
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    Thanks to Peter, they were all able to safely return to their den. However, Wendy was feeling more and more eager to see her parents who were surely worrying about her and her brothers back in London and after thinking for one whole night, she finally made up her mind to leave Neverland.
  • The lost boys were extremely upset since to them, it felt like they were losing their real mother who they had become to love so much. So Wendy suggested, “The why don’t we all fly back to London and live together in my house?”
  • The idea made the lost boys so happy that they jumped up and down with joy. The next day, they all flew off to London.
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    The children’s mother and father and the pet dog Nana were all overwhelmed by the return of their three children. They welcomed the lost boys into their home too.
  • Wendy asked Peter to stay and live with them in London. However, Peter sadly smiled and whispered to Wendy, “I want to stay a boy, and that, I know, would never be in London.” With a wave to her and the boys, Peter and Tink flew back off to Neverland.
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    Years had past since the return of the children. Wendy had grown into a lady, and had a child of her own. A daughter called Jane.
  • One night, as Wendy was reading a night time story to Jane, she suddenly recalled the adventures with Peter. Then just at that moment, the windows flew open and Peter jumped into the bedroom. He had come to invite Wendy back to Neverland.
  • However, even with the sprinkle of Tink’s fairy dust, Wendy was not able to fly. Adults could not fly. So instead, Wendy asked Peter to take Jane with him and let her experience the wonderful adventures that she herself had enjoyed so much during her childhood.
  • Peter agreed delightfully and flew off back to Neverland hand in hand with Jane. Wendy saw them off, with both joy and a hint of envy in her eyes.